Features of LaminApp Beta 2

Features of LaminApp Beta 2

Now it’s time to introducing the second beta version of LaminApp and in this post we are going to introduce its new features.

The diary of Halloween 2022

Halloween 2022

We celebrated Halloween with a wild party in LaminApp’s new office & now you can experience Dino game with Halloween elements. Please listen the second episode of Lamin Cast from various podcast hosting services.

Elizabeth II and all

Queen Elizabeth II

Now with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, she has made this game meaningless and devoid of emotion once again. Chess is not chess without a queen. we wish her eternal peace and happiness.

Listen Lamin Cast Now!

Lamin Cast

We have started a new thing which is a podcast called Lamin Cast. In Lamin Cast we discuss the LaminApp lifestyle, news and events, updates and much more.

How does LaminApp index web apps?

How does LaminApp index web apps?

We at LaminApp team, work with an identification and search tool like a search engine to identify web apps. After entering the name of the desired category or specified web app, the crawler robots connected to our search engine, start exploring the links, written information, official photos, social media content, etc. related to the searched web app. And store basic information.

LaminApp periodic updates

LaminApp Updates

  Since 2018, our team has done a lot of research in the target markets of the software world, noticed the signals welcomed by web developers, and formed a project think tank codenamed LILA (which means purple in German). It took 4 years to develop the crawler robots, the core of the search engine, the […]

Happy Pride Month around the world

Pride Month

Click here Celebrating Pride Month has been an annual tradition for our team. Because our goal is to better introduce our friends in the LGBTQ+ movement to the world community. Before LaminApp started, we used to hold this celebration in our homes every year, and now, in our team’s first year of work, we officially […]