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Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II and all

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Every human being has a role on earth and pursues a goal. For people, the earth and its roles are like a chess game, and each chess piece has a specified task. Each of the chess pieces must come into play at the right time and all of them are important for a proper game to take place, but they all work to protect the king. If chess does not have a king, then all the roles become meaningless.
King or queen does not matter, the important thing is that the big game of chess in the dimensions of the whole planet must have a goal and when the most important piece of this game is not among the other pieces, even being a minister loses its meaning. Now with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, she has made this game meaningless and devoid of emotion once again. Chess is not chess without a queen.
The LaminApp team mourns Queen Elizabeth II and we wish her eternal peace and happiness.

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