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One of the things that is important to the LaminApp team is to have constant communication with our users. We have started a new thing which is a monthly podcast called Lamin Cast. In this article, we introduce this podcast.

In the first episode of Lamin Cast, we discuss the LaminApp lifestyle, news and events, updates and much more. In its first episode, we talked about LaminApp’s first quarter performance. One thing that surprised us is the rate of growth of users. Our goal was to reach 4000 monthly visits to LaminApp web apps in 5 months, and this goal was achieved in 3 months. Also, the reception of the first episode of Lamin Cast was fantastic.

Lamin Cast Episode 1 Official Cover

Also, you have definitely noticed changes in the user interface of the landing pages; This means the introduction of the second beta test version of the LILA design system, where focus points such as buttons have been given more attention. Also, in the user experience, basic but important features such as the comment section and scoring have been activated.

We have discussed all these things in detail in our podcast. So if you like to listen the Lamin Cast every month, follow our podcast in these ways:

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Amazon Music | SoundCloud | iHeart | YouTube

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