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Features of LaminApp Beta 2
Features of LaminApp Beta 2

Features of LaminApp Beta 2

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5 months after the release of the initial beta version of LaminApp, based on the Roadmap, it was time to release the second beta version, and in this post we are going to introduce its new features. First of all, we must mention the most important feature of Web Apps, and that is updating without the need to download and install any new files, so to use the new version of LaminApp, you just need to launch it on your smartphone or desktop.


Search Engine

A powerful search engine based on artificial intelligence and machine learning is included in the processing core of LaminApp, which is available on all pages. This search engine recognizes your request using its intelligent prediction algorithm and directs you to what you are looking for. The ability to understand the correct or incorrect spelling of a web app name or translate the name of a web app from different languages is one of the most important features of the search engine.

LaminApp Search Engine on desktop and mobile version
LaminApp Search Engine


More interaction

For better ranking of web apps indexed in LaminApp and also to create interaction between users and developers, the possibility of commenting and rating has been added to the landing page of each web app. Comments and ratings will be analyzed using LaminApp’s deep learning artificial intelligence and will be publicly displayed if relevant to the web app and helpful to the developer.

LaminApp Commenting and Rating system
LaminApp Commenting and Rating system



To use the important parts of LaminApp, you can access the shortcuts menu by right-clicking on the icon on the desktop or by Touch & hold on the icon on Android or iOS without having to run it completely. In the shortcut menu of LaminApp, you can immediately access the web app category page, search or developers panel.

LaminApp Shortcuts for desktop and mobile version
LaminApp Shortcuts


Other features

In the second beta version of LaminApp, the home page of the mobile and desktop version has been completely redesigned, and the internal pages of the web apps have also been redesigned with the same new design system. Also, the processing speed has increased up to 2.5 times.

In order to discover web apps that are not yet indexed in LaminApp, we have taken the help of a newly developed crawler bot to expand the database based on users’ failed search results, Google trends, and other app stores.

Beta version 2.5 will be released soon and we will keep you informed of its changes.

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