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LaminApp beta version launched
LaminApp beta version launched

LaminApp beta version launched

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We launched LaminApp beta version on June 1st. LaminApp is the cause and we are the effected; So it is only love that can lead to the creation of something like this.

As you read about us, LaminApp is a web app store. But the most important feature that it offers is a specific path for running Web Apps on any operating system, any browser on any device. Therefore, information syncing is more principled and easier between different platforms.

LaminApp seeks to adapt users to a cloud-based lifestyle on the web by providing a variety of tools known across platforms to make life flow smoother and faster. Use LaminApp-indexed web apps like native platform apps.

Also, since the introduction of the PWA until today, this technology with its advancements has made developers take a simpler and easier way to develop their projects, and now LaminApp is here to provide a suitable platform for developers.

LaminApp is a hub that brings developer products and users together to form a large, integrated business. It means a close competition between developers on all operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux and… to attract more users.

Web Apps can be developed with a variety of programming languages, so step in with any programming skill. HTML, CSS, Java Script, Java, Python, ASP.net and…

LaminApp is equipped with a very powerful and intelligent indexing engine that examines web applications at different levels of the Internet based on parameters such as efficiency, user interface suitable for all types of devices (mobile and desktop), security and.. And if it does not infringe on the privacy and copyright of the developer, it will index it and make it available to the public for non-profit.

Also in the development of the LaminApp UI, using surveys of users and developers, only a dark theme has been used to focus on the content and not to get tired in the long run.

LaminApp is updated regularly every week, every month and every year and will soon unveil new technologies.

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