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Pride Month
Pride Month

Happy Pride Month around the world

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Celebrating Pride Month has been an annual tradition for our team. Because our goal is to better introduce our friends in the LGBTQ+ movement to the world community. Before LaminApp started, we used to hold this celebration in our homes every year, and now, in our team’s first year of work, we officially support LGBTQ+ leaning colleagues.

Even after the addition of the Hornet to the list of web apps published on LaminApp, we saw the welcome of users looking to find friends during Pride Month. Therefore, our support and respect extends to all our users around the world and to the staff of the LGBTQ+ movement.

Pride Month
Pride Month
Pride Month
Pride Month 2022, all-encompassing and far-reaching

Unfortunately, we are still witnessing the suppression of the LGBTQ+ community in some parts of the world, but we believe that people of all races and ethnicities are free to choose their own orientation and to choose which society to live in.

The launch of LaminApp coincided with Pride Month, and our goal is to raise $100,000 over the next year to LGBTQ+ nonprofits so that no one in the world is denied or even supported. Of course, support for the LGBTQ+ community should not be limited to June, and we should live with them on buses, universities, gyms, etc., all days of the year.

In the first year of LaminApp, we have prepared a video to announce our public support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex associations. We are very happy that the world was able to bring Pride Month celebration back to the streets after a relative overcoming of the COVID-19 crisis.

Finally, our team strives to unite and bring peace to the international community by supporting all races of black, African, American, European, Asian, and sexual orientation.

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