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Halloween 2022
Halloween 2022

The diary of Halloween 2022

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Yesterday we celebrated Halloween with a wild party in the courtyard of LaminApp’s new office in New York. Halloween 2022 coincided with LaminApp turning 4 months old and our toddler today came to believe that its mission is to survive.

We are supposed to be scared and be happy on Halloween. So we decided to leave a lasting impression on Halloween 2022. You definitely remember the first time you experienced a video game and you will never forget this diary. So, we decided to remaster one of the games that received a lot of attention these past few years as an Easter Egg and release it in accordance with the Halloween atmosphere.

Dino, which is a game developed by Google Chrome, can usually be played when you are disconnected. Disconnection is the nightmare of Generation Z and can be a perfect symbol for Halloween. So now you can experience Dino with Halloween elements from this link.



And now you can listen to the second episode of Lamin Cast from various podcast hosting services such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music and Soundcloud. This podcast is hosted by Jasmine and she talked to Eddie about many topics such as the features of the second beta version of LaminApp, the release time of the third beta and the security of user information. The second guest of this episode of Lamin Cast is Samantha, she talks about her experience using LaminApp on mobile and computer and fell in love with the music of the Dino game. Tell us your thoughts about Lamin Cast.

The LaminApp team is now back to work after a very energetic Halloween party to release the second beta version in the first half of November. Do you also use LaminApp on mobile or computer?



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