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LaminApp Updates

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Since 2018, our team has done a lot of research in the target markets of the software world, noticed the signals welcomed by web developers, and formed a project think tank codenamed LILA (which means purple in German). It took 4 years to develop the crawler robots, the core of the search engine, the Big Data collection, and the advertising content of the project. As we said before, LaminApp is in its public beta, and we are going to talk about how to provide periodic updates.

First Phase
The initial release of the beta version of LaminApp took place on June 1, 2022, which included the basic and standard features of web applications. Also, in each category, at least two web apps were tried to be indexed. The most important feature of LaminApp’s first public beta was that it offered multiple web applications that could be installed on a single domain, a feature that had to be compatible with a variety of browsers.

Second Phase
In the second beta version of LaminApp, the variety of web applications indexed in each category increased, and from now on we will call our UI LILA. The UI was updated in the second beta and we marked the focal points in purple to provide a better user experience. LaminApp also improved the speed of performance in a variety of browsers by up to 12%.

In the future
LaminApp blog will regularly introduce and review the changes in detail with the release of each update. Also, your comments and experiences from LaminApp will improve the development path of the next versions, especially the initial final version.

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