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ChatGPT, LaminApp’s new employee, was hired

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After ChatGPT was released and publicly available for use, critics and business owners were concerned about the loss of human jobs that could have been made possible by this chatbot. The most important jobs that are threatened by artificial intelligence are journalism, website and application development, screenplay and playwriting, etc. This issue continues until big companies like Google announced that this chatbot can be hired as a level three engineer. Some other companies also lay off their employees to perform repetitive jobs that can be done by ChatGPT to increase productivity and reduce their costs.

The experience of human society in facing new phenomena such as chat bots, the Internet in the past years, etc. has shown that the beginning of work is always met with excitement and extremes. First, a group considers these new facilities as a threat and, like in Hollywood movies, imagine artificial intelligence as a killer, and another group gets so excited that they remove valuable human resources. This exaggeration is natural in the early years because there is little understanding of the new opportunities and threats, facilities and conditions that have emerged, and there is even a need to formulate laws that define the functions and abilities of artificial intelligence in a specific legal framework.

However, LaminApp’s human resources team, by examining the different behaviors of large and small companies and during many meetings, came to the conclusion that while maintaining its human resources, in order to increase their capabilities, artificial intelligence-based tools, the main one of which is ChatGPT Add to the workforce without being a threat to new job opportunities.

The collaboration of LaminApp’s content managing team with GPT3 has been very successful in preparing web application introduction texts, screenshots, SEO content, and weekly and monthly reports, and has increased the accuracy of writing and increased the amount of work.

Also, in the next test phase, using API provided by OpenAI, ChatGPT will be integrated with management software and will use LaminApp’s dedicated hardware resources.


New LaminApp version release date

Soon, the third beta version of LaminApp will be released to the public, and through the Feedback platform, report your feedback on the quality of ChatGPT’s performance in providing content.

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