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Add LaminApp PWA to home screen

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From 2007 until now, Progressive web applications are very advanced, but users have not welcomed them as much as they should. While developing web apps is very logical for developers. We think the main reason is the lack of a specific pole for publishing and using Web Apps. We have said before that LaminApp is a great hub of web apps that are publicly indexed on the Internet and can be used in one place.

Today we want to show you how you can add LaminApp to the home screen and use its features.



Desktop / Google Chrome

In the Google Chrome browser on any operating system, when you navigate to LaminApp.com, you will see an icon in the address bar that allows you to add LaminApp to your desktop. Now you can run LaminApp every time from the icon created on the desktop.

Google Chrome

Desktop / Microsoft Edge

Since the Microsoft Edge browser also has a chromium core, how to add LaminApp to the desktop is the same as the one we described and only the icon is different.

Microsoft Edge

Desktop / Safari

There is no method to install LaminApp PWA on macOS with Safari, and you can use LaminApp as a regular site. So we offer to use Google Chrome or Microsoft edge to add LaminApp in Launchpad.

Mobile / Google Chrome

For accessing web apps in mobile browsers, you have an easier way. First, enter LaminApp.com in the address bar. Then from the three dots menu, tap on “Install App“. Then tap on the Add command. Now you can run LaminApp every time from the icon created on your home screen.

Android Google Chrome
Install PWA on Google Chrome
Pwa installation tutorial

Mobile / Microsoft Edge

The other easy way of using LaminApp is by adding it to the home screen from the “Add to Home screen” prompt at the bottom of the browser screen. In any Chromium browser, including Microsoft Edge, when you navigate to LaminApp, at the bottom of the browser, you will see the “Add to Home screen” prompt and if you tap on it, you can add LaminApp to your home screen.

Add to home screen PWA
Install PWA android

iOS / Safari

For using LaminApp as PWA on Apple platforms, you can install it from Safari on iOS and iPadOS. First open Safari on your iPhone or iPad, Then navigate to LaminApp.com, and when it opens completely, tap on Share up-arrow at the bottom of the screen, and select “Add to Home Screen”. In Apple platforms, you can’t use LaminApp PWA offline.

Apple Safari
iOS Safari
Safari PWA

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